A tough critique of Common Core on early childhood education.


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Here’s a thoughtful critique on standardizing early childhood curriculum.    The author suggests that it is difficult to test the social, emotional, problem-solving, and self-regulation skills critical to child development and perhaps this is the reason counting numbers and other rote memory skills became the focus of the K-3 curriculum.  I think there are adequate ways to measure these important developmental skills but perhaps the Committee on Common Core did not see the value in them.  I believe these social/emotional and self regulation skills provide a foundation of confidence and curiosity to later intellectual and academic success.  When I provide dyadic therapy work with parents and their infants, it surprises me when the parent doesn’t realize that it isn’t the counting aloud with her child and having her child saying the numbers back to them that matters.  It is the smile and joy on both of their faces at having a shared experience of emotional attunement that will allow that child to have the confidence and excitement to learn and succeed.